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Share Files with Your Team with this Secure Alternative to Dropbox

Business Hacks readers know that we're big fans of Dropbox. It is a simple, reliable way to share files with other PCs via the cloud. On the other hand, it's not optimized for collaboration and sharing, and it has recently gotten beaten up over its less than completely airtight security. A new contender is designed to address both of those limitations.

TeamDrive is an online file sharing and collaboration tool that's a lot like Dropbox and SugarSync. When you sign up with TeamDrive, you get 2GB of online storage for free, and you can get up to 8GB in total by referring additional customers (250MB per person).

After you're up and running, TeamDrive keeps all the files you store in your special TeamDrive folder synchronized on any PCs you choose to install the software on, but here's one big difference: TeamDrive uses 256-bit encryption and a public/private key model to encrypt your files before they are copied to the cloud. In addition, if you opt for the subscription version of TeamDrive, you can even opt to store the online version of your files on your company's own server, rather than out on a nameless cloud.

TeamShare has a formidable collaboration mode as well. You can incite other team members to share and work on documents stored in your TeamShare drive. Files are protected by a full rights management scheme with admin, collaborator, and read-only options to choose from. It also tracks all changes to your documents thanks to version control.

The service isn't operated out of the US -- the 5 pounds/month subscription rate for the Personal version (which bumps you up to 5GB of storage space) marks it as a product of Great Britain. Our friends from the home of the Beatles appear to have another excellent export.

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