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Seven Basics for Job-Hunting on LinkedIn

Poring over job advertisements in the classifieds is a thing of the past.

As with just about everything else, job searches happen online. But how can you improve your chances of landing a job? A post by WiseManSay offers some handy tips on using LinkedIn to land a job. I've summarised the basics below:

  1. For starters complete your profile. If you want a job, can't afford to be lazy in looking for one. LinkedIn functions much like a search engine and when it detects profiles with data gaps (blank fields, in other words), it leaves them out of the search results. Don't leave out your picture. Employers like being able to put a face to a name. Besides a picture lends authenticity to your profile.
  2. Make yourself available. High privacy settings are a good idea for those Facebook pictures you don't want everybody to see, but LinkedIn is a business tool, so make yourself easy to contact. Configure your settings so that you are able to receive pictures and invites from people who view your profile.
  3. Be active. The more contacts you have the more easily you will be 'discovered'. Don't sit waiting for invites to come to you, send invites to friends, ex-colleagues, relatives, everybody you know.
  4. Work your network. Use your network to pick up valuable information about your dream employers. Have they hired people with your skills? Have they hired a new executive you could be reporting to if you got a particular job? Conducting a company search will indicate to you what the company's hiring position is and will help you decide if you stand a chance of getting a job in the businesses you're targeting.
  5. Apply now! High advertising costs are encouraing employers to promote jobs via LinkedIn instead. Responding to such ads helps you cut straight to the employer. Searching for jobs on LinkedIn is easy -- just go to the Jobs tab, use the Advanced search to filter results and generate a list of potential jobs.
  6. Update your status. You post updates on your social life via Facebook. Do the same for your professional life via LinkedIn. You can update your employment status -- just make sure you don't repeat the 'I need a job' mantra many times. Desperation's not a good look to an employer.
  7. Research your potential boss. Your employer is definitely looking you up on LinkedIn so why not do the same to him/her? Instead of googling your employer's name, search LinkedIn to get a comprehensive professional profile of your potential employer. You can search for your interviewer to get those little titbits that will keep the conversation flowing and help you build a rapport.
(Pic: nanpalmero, cc2.0)