Set Your iPhone to Wake You When You Reach Your Destination

Last Updated Jun 24, 2010 10:44 PM EDT

If you commute using mass transportation like I do, you might occasionally decide to take a nap enroute. After all, I ride the bus into work early in the morning, and even a good e-book or podcast can't always keep me awake.

Of course, waking at the right time - like when the bus pulls up to my stop - is sometimes a problem.

I've found a solution, though: An iPhone app that wakes me when it reaches a particular location.

Sleep Blaster is an iPhone alarm clock that does a few things that the alarm clock built into the phone doesn't do. Chief among them, it's location aware, so you can have it alarm when you reach a destination. That means you can nap on the bus or train without worrying about missing your stop.

To use Alarm Blaster's location mode, you just draw a line on the map with your finger, not entirely unlike the way Yahoo Sketch looks for local points of interest within a region you draw on the map.