'Serial Killer' The 'Hollywood Type'

A beautiful New York City college student who was viciously raped and murdered died at the hands of a sexual sadist who has probably killed before and "absolutely" will try again, according to one expert.

Imette St. Guillen's naked body was found at the side of a remote road, her hair cut short, a sock stuffed in her mouth, clear tape in vertical strips over her face capturing a look of horror, her genitals slashed, and assault marks on her body, authorities say, adding that she was strangled.

What type of person is capable of committing such a heinous act?

Criminal profiler Pat Brown says (video), "What we've got here is a sexually sadistic pathological serial killer. And he is the scariest of them all, the Hollywood type that we see in the movies and we don't really think is going to strike in our neighborhood. But he's out there, and the police are doing everything they can to find him, and they're doing a good job because they're releasing as much information as possible to get help from the public."

Asked on The Early Show Thursday by co-anchor Julie Chen whether she thinks the killer will seek other victims, Brown said, "Absolutely. And the question is, when? These guys don't necessarily strike every week or with the full moon. … He could strike next week, but he may wait six months to a year. We don't know where or when he's going to do it again, but we want to catch him before he does."

Brown says she suspects the slayer has killed before "because the level of this crime is … a very high level crime. He used a lot of technique in it and a lot of heavy torture and bondage methods, which usually doesn't come with a first-time killer. So, my guess is he's been out there before and he's escalating in his crimes, which makes him more dangerous."