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Send Yourself Huge Files Fast

Do you have a file you created on your desktop machine at work, which you want want to access later from your computer or at home, but which is too big to email to yourself? There's plenty of .zip and FTP software available, but many of them are complicated and/or require specific programs that the remote computer may not have installed. There also are a few file-swapping sites—like,, and—that are simple and work perfectly well for uploading small files (ie around 1MB or less). But for far larger files, they can be painfully slow. (Dowload speeds were around 1MB/minute on my laptop. Zzzzzzzzzzz.)

The fastest solution I've found is DesktopTwo, which as the name implies, is meant to be more than just a file sharing application. (In fact, according to this Business 2.0 article, it's mainly used as a personal computing environment by Latin Americans who don't own their own computers.) But it works remarkably well as a file-sharer—my 20MB file was uploaded in less than 5 minutes, and downloaded to my home PC in less than 30 seconds. There are a few minor drawbacks—there's required registration and Firefox users will have to enable popups to see DesktopTwo—but it's a great way to store and access up to a gig of data on any computer.

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