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Send Huge 100MB Attachments from Outlook

Files keep getting bigger, but most ISPs and corporate networks still limit you to relatively paltry file transfers -- 10MB at most. But fret not. The next time you have 20MB, 50MB, or even 100MB worth of files to send to someone, you can do it with a click from within Microsoft Outlook.

You might already know, a cloud-based file sharing service that offers free file transfers of up to 100MB. Now you can add a plug-in to Outlook which lets you attach these files to Outlook e-mails. This is awesome, because it puts's file sharing capabilities right at your fingertips when you need it most.

When you use the plug-in and select files to attach, a link appears in your e-mail message. The recipient can preview the file or download it to their own PC.

Another cool feature: The plug-in lets you create a free conference call phone number, so you can chat with your recipients about the filers you're sending.

The plug-in is in beta now, but appears to work without a hitch. If you need to share large files, give it a shot.