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Send Free Surveys to Clients, Coworkers with Zoomerang

How well did your recent conference go? Do customers like the new service plan? Who's really using your products? Would the guys in Accounting rather have donuts or scones on Friday morning? No matter what questions are rolling around in your noggin, get them answered with a free online survey from Zoomerang.

Zoomerang allows you to create free surveys with up to 30 questions that you can send to as many as 100 people. The site lets you build a survey completely from scratch or capitalize on a slew of templates that cover all sorts of common business needs, like market research, partner satisfaction, event planning, and more. Every template is completely customizable, and you can re-use a survey you've already sent.

And that's just scratching the surface. Zoomerang offers numerous ways to send the surveys and collect the results. You can keep the data private or share it with others. And the site includes analysis tools to help make sense of the answers you get back.

The basic version of the service doesn't feel especially limited, but if you need more survey flexibility or the ability to download your results to Excel and PowerPoint, then consider upgrading to the Pro version for $199/year. Trust me -- you won't be able to miss the somewhat irritating reminders to upgrade at every turn. Nagging aside, Zoomerang is the best online survey tool we've ever seen.

Oh, and before you go customizing that Zoomerang template, be sure review our five tips for improving customer feedback surveys.

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