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Sen. Sherrod Brown Imagines Fox News' Election Night Commentary

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

(WARREN, OHIO) - Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, stood before a crowd in Warren at a Joe Biden rally this morning and made a prediction on what the back-and-forth conversation between Fox News commentators will be on election night.

"About 11:45, you flip the channel to Fox," said Brown to booing from the crowd. "Now I know you don't like Fox…switch to Fox around 11:45 and you've got Sean Hannity...this isn't so pleasant for them either."

"So you've got Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly, they look at each other, and you can see – you've got that big screen TV, O'Reilly, you can see, you can see that little tear coming out of O'Reilly's eye."

"If you closely, they'll show Hannity. Remember how, those of you who are my age, you will remember how Nixon used to sweat on his upper lip? Sean Hannity, sweat is dripping down his upper lip. 'Bout 11:45, Hannity looks at O'Reilly, you know, shakin' his head and O'Reilly says Hannity, says Sean, you got to announce, I'm not doing it."

"And O'Reilly finally says, looks at the camera about 11:52 pm on November 4th, he says 'Ladies and gentlemen, I have news for all of you, Barack Obama and Joe Biden have carried Ohio they're the next president of the United States. So plan on it."