Sen. Mark Udall's brother missing in Wyoming

The White House is opposing a Senate bill that would require foreign terrorism suspects captured in the U.S. to be prosecuted by the Military instead of civilian courts. Bob Orr reports.

Search-and-rescue crews have been looking for Randy Udall, the brother of Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., since Friday after he failed to return last week from a solo backpacking trip.

Randy Udall, a 61-year-old experienced backpacker, was trekking the Wind River Range of Wyoming and was supposed to return on Wednesdsay. Authorities were notified that he was missing on Friday, the Denver Post reported, and used ground sweeps and aerial sweeps with two helicopters to search for him on Friday. The U.S. Forest Service assisted with the continued search over the weekend.

"Mark is concerned about his brother's whereabouts and he continues to closely monitor the situation," the senator's office said in a statement to CBS News. "He and his family hope for the best."