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"Selfie Dad" becomes Internet-famous for mocking daughter's "sexy" photos

Dad Trolls Daughter
Dad Trolls Daughter 01:06

It's something that makes many parents cringe -- teenagers posting provocative selfies to their social media accounts. For Spokane, Washington dad Chris "Burr" Martin, the best way to send the message to his 19-year-0ld daughter Cassie to tone down the "sexy" selfies was to post some of his own.

Martin, 47, took to Instagram to post side-by-side selfies with his daughter's original photos, recreating the provocative poses in a distinctly mocking way. He even draws a temporary tattoo to mimic his daughter's.

Took me 3 days to get all the ink

A photo posted by Burr Martin (@therealburrmartin) on

All pouty faces and smeared makeup, Martin caused quite the stir on social media, where his photos quickly went viral.

My daughter posted another #selfie #nailedit #baddad

A photo posted by Burr Martin (@therealburrmartin) on

Rest assured, Cassie was not the only one of Martin's kids to get the mocking treatment on social media. In a separate Instagram post, he copied one of his son's sunglass-wearing selfies in a tongue-in-cheek birthday post.

Happy birthday to my boy

A photo posted by Burr Martin (@therealburrmartin) on

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