Secure Your Files by Password-Protecting, Hiding a Folder from View

Last Updated Oct 23, 2009 11:23 AM EDT

Looking for a way to keep the codes to nuclear weapons or the secret ingredients to Coke safe and secure? You could encrypt the files, but they'd still be visible, and therefore potentially vulnerable. If the files were invisible, though -- absolutely invisible from any search of the PC -- then your locked files would be safe. After all, you can't steal what you can't see.

That's the idea behind My Lockbox, which password protects and renders a folder invisible to all users of the PC. Once you protect a folder, it disappears from Windows Explorer and DOS command line searches -- even for the computer's administrator. The only way to see the folder is to re-enter the password in My Lockbox.

My Lockbox is free and allows you to lock and hide a single folder. If you're also harboring the Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe and need more folder-hiding flexibility, you can upgrade to Hide Folders 2009 for $29.99. I've found My Lockbox to do just fine, though, since there's no limit on how many files and subfolders you can store in the folder you're hiding.