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Secrets of the Veteran Business Traveler

Secrets of Better Business TravelIf you've just gotten your first gig that involves a fair amount of travel, you could be forgiven for thinking you already know everything necessary to climb on a plane and get going. After all this won't be your first time at an airport. But the veteran business travelers of the Economist's Gulliver blog beg to differ and offer one of their secrets for fast and frustration free business travel.

There are some habits that smart business travelers pick up on their first or second trip. One of those habits is keeping a permanent toiletries bag for business travel. It just makes sense. When you have to repack your toiletries for every trip, you risk forgetting things. And if you don't have a separate travel toothbrush and travel deodorant, for example, you risk having to make an extra trip to the store when you get home if you leave something in your hotel. Having a bag ready is quicker and easier.
Is it simple advice? Yes, but it's also solid. And if you thought that this quick reminder was all there was to being a business travel toiletries Jedi then think again, young padawan. Gulliver goes on to offer resources for those looking to perfect their packing, including a tutorial from wikiHow and a friendly reminder to "consider the latest airport security rules and regulations when you're creating your kit."

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