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Seath Jackson Murder Update: Michael Bargo, Fla. man, found guilty of murder in teen's 2011 death

Michael Bargo,21, sits in court during his trial for the murder of Seath Jackson CBS affiliate WKMG

(CBS) OCALA, Fla. - Michael Bargo has been found guilty of first degree murder by a jury Tuesday in the shooting death of a Fla. teen, according to CBS affiliate WKMG

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Prosecutors say the 21-year-old man shot and dismembered 15-year-old Seath Taylor Jackson in April 2011 with the help of his friends.

WKMG reports the penalty phase will begin Friday and is expected to last several days.

Bargo faces the death penalty.

Authorities say Jackson was lured to a Summerfield home by a text message from former girlfriend Amber E. Wright. Deputies said once Jackson arrived at the house, Bargo and another teen began hitting him in the head with wooden objects.

Bargo then allegedly shot Jackson several times and when the victim tried to escape, another accomplice held him down while Bargo continued to shoot him, authorities said.

Bargo allegedly broke the teen's knees and group members hog-tied him and put his body in a sleeping bag, which was placed in a fire pit in the backyard and burned.

At that point, the sheriff's office said, the group used bleach to clean the house and shoveled Jackson's remains into 5-gallon paint cans.

According to the station, Bargo took the stand Monday morning and said he didn't have anything to do with Jackson's death. He reportedly said he saw a fire but didn't tell anyone his friends killed Jackson because he feared for his life.

Two state witnesses reportedly testified that Bargo had admitted taking part in Jackson's murder.

Four others in the case have been convicted. Charlie Kay Ely, 19, was sentenced to life in prison. Justin Soto, 21, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and was also sentenced to life in prison. Siblings Amber Wright, 16, and Kyle Hooper, 17, were both found guilty of first-degree murder and were sentenced to life in prison without parole.

James Havens III, 37, of Summerfield, was charged with accessory after the fact to first-degree murder, but was ruled incompetent to stand trial in September 2012. Havens was a father figure to Wright and Hooper.

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