Screenshot Entire Web Pages with Aviary

Last Updated Jul 6, 2009 12:18 AM EDT

There are a million ways to take a screenshot, including the Snipping Tool that comes with Windows Vista, free utilities like Screen Capturer, and high-powered commercial programs like Snag-It. But if you want to capture an entire Web page from top to bottom, including the bits that extend "below the fold," off the bottom of the screen, your options are quite limited. Thankfully, one of those options is a free Web-based screen shot app from Aviary.

To take a screenshot of a Web page, just add in front of the URL. So you could capture the Business Hacks front page, for example, this way:

Or, for more control over the capture, you can go to the Aviary Screen Capture Web page to specify resolution, quality, how much of the page to grab, and the URL you are interested in.

After Aviary chugs for a few seconds, you can save the file to your PC or online (though for that you need to complete a free registration), or work on the image online using Aviary's graphic editing tools. And for $25/year, you can step up to the premium version, which gives you the ability to limit access to the files you store online and remove the Aviary watermark from the bottom of captures.