Donald Trump, why so thin-skinned?

Why so thin-skinned, Donald Trump? 02:01

GOP front-runner Donald Trump, in an interview with CBS News' Scott Pelley that airs Sunday on "60 Minutes," answered questions about wide-ranging issues. Asked about NAFTA, Trump deemed it a "disaster" he will either break or renegotiate.

Pelley also asked Trump about his decision not to defend President Barack Obama from anti-Muslim remarks directed at the president. And Pelley took the opportunity to ask Pelley about his very public feuds with people.

Scott Pelley: Why so thin-skinned?

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Donald Trump: I don't like lies. I--I don't mind a bad story. If you did a bad story on me for 60 Minutes, if it were a fair story I wouldn't be thin-skinned at all. You know, some of the media is among the worst people I've ever met. I mean a pretty good percentage is really a terrible group of people. They write lies, they write false stories. They know they're false. It makes no difference. And frankly I don't call it thin-skinned, I'm angry.

Pelley: But a reporter asks you a couple of tough questions and the first debate and the whole week after that its war on that reporter.

Trump: Well, I don't think those were fair questions.

Pelley: An impression is created though that you like to dish it out but you can't take a punch.

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Trump: Oh I think I can take it. I--I could take it if it's fair. Again, if people say things that are false which happens a lot with me -- if people say things that are false I will fight, like, harder than anybody. If I do something wrong, and that happens, and they write a fair story that I did something wrong, there's nothing to fight about. I can handle that. I don't like lying. You know I'm a very honorable guy, I don't like lies.

Watch the full interview with Trump Sunday on the season premiere of "60 Minutes" at 7:30/6:30c.