Schieffer: Race is too close to predict

On the tail of new swing state polls released by Quinnipiac/ CBS News/ NY Times, indicating that the race has tightened in Virginia and Florida, while the president holds a slight lead in Ohio, CBS News' Bob Schieffer says this race is as close as it can get:

"The interesting thing in this poll is that Governor Romney seems to be moving in Florida and Virginia ever so slightly, but President Obama is holding the lead that he's held in Ohio.... This race is so close, Charlie, It's hard to say why anything is the way it is this morning."

Schieffer said Mr. Obama's tour of the storm damage in New Jersey with Governor Chris Christie is what politicians should do.

"When we see Governor Christie here, he is behaving as we would expect a leader to behave. I mean, you know this country has gotten so divided and the partisanship is running so high. I mean, why wouldn't the governor of New Jersey, a state that's been hit like this, why would he call on the president. He needs the president right now. And why wouldn't he be gracious enough to say thank you when the president gets on the phone - he said yesterday he talked to him three times - why wouldn't he say thank you? And I must say, I wish more officials would act like this. I think this is what, I think this is what Americans are hungry for - officials that can come together, put partisanship aside and try to solve the problem, whatever it is."

Schieffer said he thinks the storm's impact is going to be "a wash."

It's down to the battleground states. Virginia and North Carolina were the states on the east coast that were hardest hit. It had a slight impact, I think, on the early voting in those states, but I'm told that both of those states will have their polling place up and running on Election Day. I think as Rich Beeson, the political director of the Romney campaign told me just yesterday, he said, 'Look, it's the same storm in the same states for both candidates.' So I think basically it's going to be a wash."