Schieffer: Nix Deciding Bowl Games by Computer

NCAA college football Bowl Games are decided not by playoffs but by computer, thanks to the BCS, the Bowl Championship Series.
After this big weekend of football, we'll all go vote Tuesday.

And aren't you glad that even though our system isn't perfect, we still finish our elections the right way - we vote!

Too bad we can't figure out the right way to pick a national champion in college football!

Instead of a playoff to determine the national championship, which is how the other sports do it, college football has something called the BCS - the Bowl Championship Series - a mysterious organization that feeds statistics and other mumbo jumbo into computers to determine who plays for the national championship.

What the BCS really is of course is all about money.

It's controlled by the big schools who want ONLY the big schools in the bowl games, because they believe they'll get the biggest TV ratings.

You are asking now: Why is he off on this rant?

Well it's very simple. I went to TCU, a smaller school with a very good team this year, and we want to play the big guys.

But even if we go undefeated, we may not get that chance - the computers will decide our fate.

If we did our politics like that, computers would decide who wins our elections - maybe based on the strength of their opponents, or positions, and maybe there would be style points for the best yard signs.

But we don't do it that way (thank goodness), so I pass on the advice from my mother that I always pass on before elections: Go vote, it makes you feel big and strong.

. . . And if you can figure out a way, vote against the BCS!

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    Bob Schieffer is a CBS News political contributor and former anchor of "Face The Nation," which he moderated for 24 years before retiring in 2015.