Schieffer: It's the season of both bad and good stuff

Tail of small plane can be seen sticking out of apartment after, authorities say, it ran out of fuel and crashed into building in Herndon, Va. on May 31, 2013. At least 2 people suffered minor injuries.

(CBS News) The Bible tells us, "For everything there is a season," but we seem to be in the middle of the season for everything.

There was a time when Washington shut down for vacation season and Congress went home about now.

Now they go home all the time, and when they're here they don't do anything. So it's hard to know if they're here or not, but I guess they're on schedule.

For a while there, summer was the season for Washington scandals. It was summer when the burglars broke into the Watergate. Summer when Richard Nixon finally left.

So maybe we shouldn't be surprised that, right on schedule, the second-term doldrums have set in at the Obama White House, bringing with them a scandal or two. It's that time of year.

Storm season is right on schedule, too, but the weather seems more unpredictable than ever -- hot when it should be cold, cold when it should be hot.

But just when you thought this was the season for just BAD stuff, there was this: a plane crashed nose first into the home of a Herndon, Va., family Friday night.

Amazingly, none of the four people in the apartment was hurt. A six-year-old boy slept through it all!

The pilot was hurt, but he and his passenger climbed out, asked the startled homeowner if he was OK.

The homeowner said, "We're good." He woke up the six-year-old, and they all walked outside.

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