Schieffer: Baseball is the greatest game of all

I love college football (especially TCU football), and I like golf. But when people start talking about golf as if it were some religious experience I say, not quite: That's why we have baseball.

And the just-ended World Series is the latest proof that baseball is the greatest game of all.

Boring? Too slow for today's fast moving culture? You must have missed the gut-wrenching experience that kept so many of us up so late this past week.

Baseball's great charm is that the action comes in spurts, which leaves plenty of time to spin yarns, look at the girls, and make wisecracks, which is why most sports jokes are about baseball.

Ever heard a tennis joke? I don't think so.

No two baseball games have ever been alike, and this series was no exception.

One game like a picture painted by an old Master, all beauty, skill and perfection. The next like an old Abbott and Costello movie - Little League errors, the manager calling in one relief pitcher and another one showing up on the mound.

Another game featured a hapless third baseman who became a goat when he dropped a pop fly in the third inning and then became a hero when he won the game with a mammoth homerun in the 11th.

I say all this even though my team, the Texas Rangers, came within one strike TWICE of winning the whole thing and then lost.

But that's baseball.

Like life, it's not just the winners we remember but the losers, too.

Mighty Casey didn't hit the game winning home run. He struck out. But we still love him.

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    Bob Schieffer is a CBS News political contributor and former anchor of "Face The Nation," which he moderated for 24 years before retiring in 2015.