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Schedule Meetings in a Flash with ScheduleOnce

Over the years, regular Business Hacks readers have learned how to make meetings more valuable, shorten meetings by making attendees stand up, and even track the real-world costs of meetings. But none of that does any good if you can't actually get everyone to show up.

ScheduleOnce simplifies meeting scheduling. It's one of many such Web-based services, but we have two reasons for liking it a little better than others:

First, it requires no registration, either on your part or the part of meeting invitees. That's a big deal because most people are sick and tired of having to sign up for yet another online service. I know I am.

Second, ScheduleOnce can integrate with Google Calendar. This is totally optional -- the service relies on its own calendar tool for the actual scheduling -- but it's a seriously handy feature for GC users. No more having to copy the selected meeting date into your calendar.

Whether you connect to your Google account or not, the scheduling process goes like this: Create a new meeting, choose the dates/times that work for you, then click Save. Tricky, huh? From there you get a URL to share with your invitees, who click the link, indicate their availability, and/or suggest preferred times.

When all is said and done, you'll be able to tell who's available when and get your meeting time locked in. ScheduleOnce is fast, easy to use, and, best of all, free.

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