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Schedule Meetings, Eliminate Conflicts with TimeBridge

No sooner had I found MeetingMade, which seemed like the perfect online scheduling assistant, than someone turned me on to TimeBridge, another powerful meeting organizer. And this one certainly gives MeetingMade a run for its money.

If you've used any of the various online scheduling tools out there, TimeBridge will work pretty much the way you expect it to. Just fill out the simple Web-based form to create a meeting and then pick up to five day/time options that suit you. You can specify a meeting location, add attendees, and send it out into the tubes. Your recipients don't need TimeBridge accounts to reply, and they can choose which times work best for them (even distinguishing between ideal times and ones that are just so-so). TimeBridge identifies the best fit, and even syncs the results with Outlook.

TimeBridge tries to differentiate itself in other ways as well: The basic scheduling service is free, but for $9/month you can add Web meetings and online conference calling.

This is a busy place to be. Previously, we've told you about WhichDateWorks, Writeboard, and, oh, about a zillion other online collaboration tools. TimeBridge does seem to rise above the pack, though.

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