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Schedule Important E-mail to Reappear In Your Inbox When You Need It

I get hundreds of e-mails a day -- many with action items in them. Often, some projects slide to the bottom of my inbox and get forgotten because I received the e-mail when it was convenient for the sender, not when it was actually important for me to get it. At long last, a solution.

Boomerang is an Outlook plug-in that lets you mark e-mail messages to reappear at the top of your inbox after any period of time you specify. This is truly brilliant; unlike flagging messages, which I often ignore, Boomerang pops e-mail back to the top of your inbox, as if it's a new message you just received. It puts you in control of your inbox by letting you decide when you want to act on each mail you get.

Boomerang is simple to use -- it provides a snooze alarm-like menu with options to be reminded about your selected message after any delay you like, such as an hour, tomorrow morning, in two days, a month, or any custom time you set.

Here's a video tour:

Regrettably, Boomerang isn't free. You get a free 14-day trial, after which the program costs $15. [via How-To Geek]

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