Schedule a Wake-Up Call with Wakerupper

Last Updated Sep 28, 2007 9:17 AM EDT

wakerupper.jpgAre you really going to rely on that flaky hotel alarm-clock to make sure you don't miss your early-morning flight, meeting, interview, etc? For an added layer of protection, schedule a wake-up call with Wakerupper. It takes all of two minutes: Just input the date and time when you want to receive the call, the time zone, your e-mail address, and your cell number.

You also have the option of typing a message to yourself; Wakerupper uses an impressive text-to-speech engine to "read" the message to you when you answer the call. In the interim, the service sends you an e-mail with a link you can click to cancel the call if necessary. Coming soon: a toll-free number you can dial to schedule calls by phone, no PC required.

Wakerupper is free to use, and it's suitable for more than just wake-up calls. You can use it to liberate yourself from meetings or for everyday reminders. And, of course, it works with any phone, not just cells. Mostly, I just like the name.

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