Saying farewell to the extraordinary Mike Wallace

For 40 years, it was the sound of the stop watch and Mike's voice that signaled the start of another edition of 60 Minutes. The broadcast pays tribute to a great reporter and colleague.

Steve Kroft: To me, that's a classic Mike Wallace interrogation.

[Mike Wallace: Father knows best.]

Steve Kroft: He said very little, except react. And you could tell a lot from the reaction.

[Mike Wallace: And if you get in the way of father, father will take care of you.]

That kind of audacity is something that Mike perfected long before "60 Minutes."

[Mike Wallace, on set of "Night Beat": Really.]

It began 50 years ago, with a local New York interview show called "Night Beat."

[Mike Wallace: Good evening. I'm Mike Wallace, the show is "Night Beat."]

Mike Wallace: Up to "Night Beat," I was utterly anonymous. "Night Beat" was the one.

[Mike Wallace, montage: What do you know about that? Who in the United States is qualified? What kind of people are your friends?]

"Night Beat" -- and the spinoffs Mike did for ABC -- revolutionized TV talk. Here he is with another Mike: Labor Leader Mike Quill.

[Mike Wallace: What about statements you made in your own paper...]

Mike Wallace: We were doing the kinda show that had never been done before. Nasty questions, abrasive questions, confrontational questions.

[Mike Quill: And you have no right to sit in judgment of me.

Mike Wallace: I'm not sitting in judgment, I'm simply asking a question.

Mike Quill: I'm ready anytime you want to repeat the stupid question.]

The similarities with "60 Minutes" are striking. Mobster Mickey Cohen with Mike in 1957.

[Mike Wallace: You've killed at least one man, or how many more?

Mickey Cohen: Well -

Mike Wallace: How many more, Mickey?

Mickey Cohen: I have killed no men that, in the first place, didn't deserve killing.]

Mobster Jimmy Fratianno on "60 Minutes" In 1981.

[Mike Wallace: Jimmy, who was the first person you killed?

Jimmy Fratianno: Frankie Niccoli.

Mike Wallace: Where'd you kill him?

Jimmy Fratianno: In my house.

Mike Wallace: How'd you kill him?

Jimmy Fratianno: We strangled him. But I think it would bother me if I killed an innocent person.