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Save Office Files to Online Storage

box-net.jpgA new plug-in for Office 2003/2007 allows you to save documents directly to your online account. In case you're not familiar with it, gives you 1GB of free storage, with additional storage plans starting at $7.95 per month. The Office plug-in provides a one-click link: Just click the Save to button and presto, your current document gets uploaded. It's an ideal way to create fast and easy backups of crucial documents, move documents between machines, and share documents with other users (either directly or via a way-cool widget you can embed on your site).

Of course, only stores your Office documents. If you want to edit them as well, check out the Office plug-in for Zoho Writer and Zoho Sheet, the Web-based word processor and spreadsheet. Sorry, Google Docs users: There's no Office plug-in for you--yet. [via WebWare]