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Save Money: Who to Follow on Twitter

In the Dark Ages before the Internet, a short promotion was a one-day sale. Today, great online deals and savings tips may expire in a matter of minutes. That's why I love Twitter. As the co-founder of Wise Bread, a blog dedicated to savvy shopping and saving money, I'm always on Twitter hunting for deals. And our 14,000 followers on Twitter (@wisebread) have recommended hundreds of savvy people who help us discover those bargains.

Here are the top 10 I read on a daily basis — you can follow them on this MoneyWatch Twitter list. And if you've got favorites, please suggest them in the comments field below.

Julia Scott (@bargainbabe)

A journalist by training, Julia is very clear about not accepting money from any company to blog or tweet about their product. That’s why she’s one of the most trusted sources of deals, shopping tips, and frugal living advice.

Recent tweet: What’s in your wallet? Learn the things you should & shouldn’t carry in your wallet to avoid identity theft.

Angie Wynne (@babycheapskate)

Angie is one of the best sources of non-spammy deals, offers, and savings tips for everything baby and kids-related — as parents discover very quickly, those costs add up fast. Plus, unlike some parents on Twitter, Angie doesn’t overwhelm you with photos and stories of her kids. She’s mercilessly focused on saving you cold, hard cash.

Recent tweet: Stockupportunity! Huggies Natural Wipes Under .02 Each, Shipped

Flexo (@flexo)

Consumerism Commentary has probably made every “Top Personal Finance Blog” list that matters, and the tweets are just as good as the blog. Savvy and a bit crotchety, the mysterious “Flexo” — a pseudonym — is one of the few financial writers who can make me laugh out loud.

Recent tweet: Got an email saying my credit score on Mint was out of date. Don’t remember putting a credit score INTO Mint. Oh wait, it’s an ad.

Mercedes Levy (@commnsensemoney) is one of the best sources of coupons, deals, and freebies for online and retail locations, and founder Mercedes Levy is a sharp bargain hunter and a natural entertainer. Come for the Wal-Mart deals; stay for the "Who is the best Mr. Darcy" discussions.

Recent tweet: Groupon Deals: Brownies, Teas, Murals and More -

Tim Ferriss (@tferriss)

Author of the New York Times best-selling book, The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim is known as the Indiana Jones of the digital age. Tim loves revealing the business and life hacks of successful entrepreneurs. If you want to become a millionaire, or simply live like one, Tim is the man to follow.

Recent tweet: How to get your dream job for $6 using Google Adwords: Awesome. (via @titanas)

Tim Chen (@NerdWallet)

Tim is the CEO of NerdWallet, one of the top credit card sites on the web. He provides the ultimate cheat sheet to the latest credit card deals, traps, and rewards. Spending a few minutes with Tim can save you hundreds of dollars in interest and fees.

Recent tweet: Don’t waste your Amex Rewards at Amazon. You can get 4x the rewards with Chase -

Editors of (@mainstr)

MainStreet editors have a knack for distilling complicated financial concepts into simple rules of thumb. I love the weekly “hot jobs” tweets, which highlight cool job openings around the world. Who doesn’t want to be an elephant zoo keeper or the archivist at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

Recent tweet: TIP: Want to get the best deal on used cars? Buy one that’s been owned for 2 years and sell it off after 3 years -

Amy Clark (@momadvice)

Amy shares family-friendly, do-it-yourself tips, including crafts, food, and decorating hacks that anyone can do. She also answers reader questions, like how to save on groceries, or what to do if your kids destroy the couch. Reading her updates is like chatting with an old friend.

Recent tweet: Replace your rinse aid in your dishwasher with 1/4 cup vinegar to make your dishes sparkle! Green and thrifty!

Editors of (@grsblog)

J.D. Roth, founder of the Get Rich Slowly blog, and author of Your Money: The Missing Manual, is one of the key curators behind this account. The feed features budgeting and personal finance tips, plus links to oodles of useful studies and reports.

Recent tweet: Your best 15 minute financial fix: (on @bargainr)

Len Penzo (@lenpenzo)

Len covers a broad array of money topics with a sly pop culture twist. In between his advice on retirement savings, Len will throw out gems like posts on “Why big spenders are terrible in bed”; and “How I survived two armed robberies

Recent tweet: Grease’s Financial Crisis: Why You Can’t Blame It On Wendy’s Does growing up poor really contribute to obesity?

For more great tweets, check out Wise Bread’s list of the top 100 most popular personal finance twitterers.

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