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Save a PDF Document as Plain Text

PDF documents are great for ensuring that recipients see a document formatted the way it was intended, and for making it relatively difficult - but by no means impossible - to muck around with the contents. But what if you want to take the information in a PDF and repurpose it in a new text document?

Most of the time, you can copy and paste sections of text from a PDF, but what if you just want to save an entire PDF as a plain text document for easy cutting and pasting?

That's when you can turn to PDF Text Extractor, a utility that saves an entire PDF as plain text.

This program does exactly what it claims, with little fanfare or complexity. Just point it to a PDF, specify an output folder, and click Convert. Almost instantly, the program is done - even on PDFs that are hundreds of pages long.

PDF Text Extractor is free, and admittedly, it lacks some polish. Run the program once, and then subsequent conversions will keep writing to the same filename in the specified folder, overwriting your previous jobs, for example. But it's a quick and easy way to instantly turn an entire PDF document into editable text.