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Sarah Palin Attacked by "Mama Grizzlies" from EMILY'S List

Pro-abortion rights group EMILY'S List is today launching a campaign suggesting that America's so-called "Mama Grizzlies" - a phrase coined by Sarah Palin to describe her supporters- don't all come from Palin's side of the political spectrum.

"Throughout this cycle, Sarah Palin has predicted a rising tide of mothers and women voters who will support her so-called 'Mama Grizzly' candidates," EMILY's List President Stephanie Schriock said in a release. "Palin has made it her mission to defeat candidates who have worked hard to champion the rights of women and families across the country and replace them with conservative candidates who want to repeal health care, stand with big business, and eliminate a woman's right to choose. So today, EMILY's List is calling on women - and men! - to let their voices be heard and to reject Palin's reactionary candidates and backward-looking agenda."

The group, which focuses on getting candidates who support abortion rights elected, has put out a web video (watch it above) and is pushing a campaign called "Sarah Doesn't Speak for Me" meant to appeal to Democrats, independents and "moderate Republicans who have no home." 

The video shows women dressed in bear costumes talking about how their "cubs" are threatened by the agenda of Palin and the candidates she supports, and discuss the possibility of losing health care coverage, abortion rights and unemployment benefits.

Anti-abortion rights group the Susan B. Anthony List, which recently concluded a 23-city bus tour designed to spotlight its support for candidates who oppose abortion rights, quickly hit back with a statement suggesting "EMILY's List is running scared."

"EMILY's List is busy perpetuating what it purports to abhor: using women candidates with whom they disagree as punching bags," said Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser. "On the eve of the 90th anniversary of women's suffrage, the SBA List calls upon EMILY's List to come to grips with reality."

Palin's backing has helped numerous Republicans emerge from crowded primary fields and win their party's support, among them South Carolina gubernatorial nominee Nikki Haley.

The "Sarah Doesn't Speak for Me" website "will feature a new multi-media interactive website, a page for users to share personal stories, and information about the radical agenda of Palin's candidates and where they stand on critical issues," says EMILY's List. "It includes branded merchandise and an aggressive online presence that will extend our reach to a broad and diverse range of audiences and, through a targeted advertising campaign, get more than six million impressions."

EMILY'S List, which says it raised more than $43 million to support candidates in the 2007-2008 campaign cycle, also likely hopes the site will drive fundraising.

Opinions about abortion rights have remained steadyfor the past decade.

In a CBS News poll conducted last November, 34 percent felt abortion should be generally available to those who want it, 40 percent felt it should be available but under stricter limits than it is now, and 23 percent felt it should not be permitted at all.

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