Sally Field on Mary Todd "Lincoln" role: "She changed me"

Costume designer Joanna Johnston received an Oscar nomination for her period wardrobe, in a film with about 140 speaking parts -- mostly men. The women characters' dresses were treasures, Johnston said, "because there were so few of them."

(CBS News) Sally Field landed her first movie role more than a half-century ago. Now, the two-time Academy Award winner is up for her third Oscar for "Lincoln."

CBS News' Norah O'Donnell talked with Field about her role as first lady to the nation's 16th president.

Field said, "The actor brings the character towards them and they move towards the character, and somewhere you hope to merge and you don't know who's who anymore, and what part is me and what part is her. And she has changed me. And I'm not really sure how. I'm, in some ways, sort of afraid to find out."

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Sally Field: how her pluck won her role in "Lincoln"

For more with the Hollywood icon, including talk about the physical changes she had to make to play the first lady -- gaining 25 pounds -- watch the video above.