Salesforce CEO: Apple iPad event "horribly boring"

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff bashes Apple iPad event via Twitter.

(CBS News) There's always one person at the party who doesn't play nice. At yesterday's iPad event, that person was Saleforce's chief executive officer Marc Benioff.

The sassy commentary provided by the software company's CEO was delivered exclusively via Twitter. The micro-blogging service lets users broadcast 140-character updates and photos in real time.

"In the cheap seats at #ipad3! Were ready. Listening to horrible pop music,"[sic] @Benioff tweeted. From his tone, it seemed like the software chief was already feeling feisty.

After reporting a few news bites from Apple CEO Tim Cook, Benioff continued with his snarky remarks.

"This #ipad3 launch is horribly boring. Steve, I miss you terribly," @Benioff tweeted. Ouch! The Saleforce CEO went on to criticize the name change, as well.

"Lame name of ipad3 'The New iPad'. Where is the zen? Ipad3? Ipads? Ipad retina? Ipadx?" @Benioff tweeted.

The jabs didn't end there. The software chief went on to criticize Cook for not acknowledging the late Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of Apple.

"Tim Cook didn't thank or remember Steve Jobs at iPad3 launch. There would be no iPad3 without Steve Jobs. Steve you were the best we had!" @Benioff tweeted.

All of this could've just been a cry for attention, as tech journalist Om Malik wondered.

"@Benioff lacking attention?" @om tweeted in response to Benioff.

"Of course, such gripes are part of the package at Apple launch events, where anticipation is high and expectations almost impossible to meet," pointed out CNET Blog Network blogger Lance Whitney.