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Sales Quiz: Which Sales Rule is Bogus?

SCENARIO: You've been asked to train another employee to sell and your manager hands you a list of "rules" for selling. However, your manager likes playing pranks, so you're pretty certain that at least one of the rules might be a red herring.

Pick the one that you're sure is bogus, then click on the link below to get the real answer.

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Congratulations!! You're absolutely right! That's because every one of those rules is bogus -- or at least very bad advice for sales professionals. Here's why:
  • Bogus Rule: All prospects are potential customers.
  • Why It's Bogus: Some prospects just aren't going to buy. In fact, most B2B sales in today's economy end in "no decision."
  • Better Rule: Only certain prospects should and will buy from you.
  • Bogus Rule: Never take "no" for an answer.
  • Why It's Bogus: Knowing when to quit and move on one of your most important sales skills.
  • Better Rule: Only certain prospects should and will buy from you.
  • Bogus Rule: Persistence always pays off.
  • Why It's Bogus: No it doesn't. If you're not careful, you can end up flogging a dead horse.
  • Better Rule: Persistence in pursuit of an unlikely customer wastes valuable resources.
  • Bogus Rule: Talented reps can sell anything to anybody.
  • Why It's Bogus: No they can't. Sales has become increasingly specialized.
  • Better Rule: Good sales reps weed out poor prospects and focuses on high-gain opportunities.
  • Bogus Rule: Customers know what they want to buy.
  • Why It's Bogus: Sometimes, yeah, but customers are often extremely confused.
  • Better Rule: Customers can be wrong about their needs; your job is to figure out what's needed.
  • Bogus Rule: Never walk away from money on the table.
  • Why It's Bogus: Pad a deal with stuff the customer doesn't need or want and it will come back and bite you.
  • Better Rule: Don't sell a prospect anything that's not truly needed or wanted.
  • Bogus Rule: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
  • Why It's Bogus: Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.
  • Better Rule: If you at first you don't succeed, try something different.
READERS: Anybody want to defend one of the rules that I'm calling bogus? Some of them are pretty popular in sales motivation speeches.

NOTE: The above is based on a conversation with Jeff Thull, author of the bestselling books Mastering the Complex Sale, The Prime Solution, and Exceptional Selling.