Ryan Lochte joins Patrick Stewart and Simon Pegg in "Funny or Die" video

Ryan Lochte in a "Funny or Die" video
Funny or Die
Ryan Lochte makes his "Funny or Die" debut
Funny or Die

(CBS News) Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte shows off his lighter side in a new "Funny or Die" video about ticket scalping at the London Olympics. It also  features British actors Sir Patrick Stewart, Simon Pegg and Maisie Williams.

Pictures: Ryan Lochte

In the video, Stewart plays a old-timey ticket scalper and Williams plays his sidekick. The two scam various Olympics attendees with tickets to the Games.

When they stumble upon Lochte, who shows them his American flag diamond encrusted grill along with the pass that he need to participate in his races, Stewart and Williams hit the jackpot and try to sell his precious items to Pegg, who plays himself.

Earlier in the week Lochte tweeted from the set of the video.