Rutgers Student Tyler Clementi Officially I.D.'d as Suicide Victim, in Secret Sex Tape Case

In September 2011, just days into his freshman year at Rutgers, Tyler Clementi leaped to his death from the George Washington Bridge. In the wake of his death, it was revealed that his roommate, Dharun Ravi, had used a webcam to spy on Clementi's intimate encounter with a man. Clementi's suicide became a touchstone for those fighting to expose the perils of bullying on young gay men and women. On May 21, 2012, Ravi was convicted of bias intimidation, invasion of privacy and witness tampering and spent 20 days in jail. He is appealing.
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Tyler Clementi (Personal Photo)

NEW YORK (AP) A body found in the Hudson River off New York City has been identified as that of a Rutgers University student whose gay sexual encounter was allegedly secretly streamed online.

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The New York City medical examiner's office said Thursday that 18-year-old Tyler Clementi committed suicide. Spokeswoman Grace Burgess says he drowned and had impact injuries on his torso.

A family lawyer had already said Clementi jumped off the George Washington Bridge, but officials at the time had not identified the body.

Clementi's freshman roommate at New Jersey's Rutgers University, Dharun Ravi,  and another freshman, Molly Wei, have been charged with invading the teen's privacy.

Prosecutors say they used a webcam to surreptitiously transmit a live image of Clementi having sex with a man Sept. 19.


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