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New bodycam footage shows moments after fatal "Rust" shooting

Body cam video released from "Rust" shooting
Body cam video released from "Rust" movie shooting 01:55

New body camera video released by the Santa Fe Sheriff's Office shows the frantic moments after actor Alec Baldwin allegedly discharged a gun on the set of "Rust," killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins

The video shows Baldwin holding the gun before the tragic incident as well as the aftermath of the shooting, with Hutchins on the ground surrounded by first responders. 

Photos of the gun and Baldwin's hands after the shooting were also released. 

Baldwin is seen telling two officers after the shooting that he didn't pull the trigger of the 45-caliber prop gun while rehearsing the scene, and that he didn't know who put a live round in the weapon. 

"I take the gun out and as the barrel clears, I turn and cock the gun and the gun goes off," Baldwin said. 

The video also shows director Joel Souza lying on the ground, injured by the same bullet that killed Hutchins. 

A separate report about the working conditions on the "Rust" set found that the film's management "knew that firearm safety procedures were not being followed on set and demonstrated plain indifference to employee safety by failing to review work practices and take corrective action."

Baldwin was also a producer on the film, but he doesn't blame himself for the accident. 

"I feel that someone is responsible for what happened and I can't say who that is, but I know it's not me," he previously said. 

Investigators said they are still waiting for phone records and ballistic information in order to complete the criminal investigation. 

Baldwin has not been charged. 

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