Russia Lists Poultry Plants on Ban List

Last Updated Aug 29, 2008 5:02 PM EDT

The Russian government has now identified the 19 U.S. poultry plants from which it will not accept exports. As I wrote Thursday, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says the ban is based on "health and safety" grounds, but it's quite clearly payback for the federal government's excoriation of Russia's recent actions in the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

Russia is the biggest importer of U.S. chicken, and exports make up 18 percent of the industry's sales, or about $ billion. Interestingly, the largest U.S. producer, Pilgrim's Pride, is not affected.

As of September 1, Russia will not accept exports from among others, three plants operated by Tyson Foods, two by Sanderson Farms, one by Hormel Foods, and one part-owned by Smithfield Foods (A Butterball turkey plant).

The Russian government identified the plants by number. Reuters has a list of the numbers at the bottom of this article, which can be cross-matched with a list from the U.S. Department of Agriculture of plants that are currently exporting to Russia.

  • Dan Mitchell

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