Run OpenOffice From a Flash Drive

Last Updated Dec 29, 2008 4:00 PM EST

openoffice-portable.jpgRegular BizHacks readers know that we lurve OpenOffice 'round these parts. We also love flash drives. Now, thanks to, we can enjoy both at the same time. The new OpenOffice Portable packages the eponymous office suite into a portable, flash drive-friendly app.

OpenOffice Portable (OOP for short?) is an 86MB download that requires 240MB to install. What makes it "portable" is that it's entirely self-contained on your flash drive, able to run from it without leaving a footprint on whatever PC you're using.

Similarly, your documents and settings stay on your flash drive as well. Thus, the drive becomes a kind of self-contained mobile office, perfect for those times when, say, your laptop's battery is dead but you absolutely must get some work done. Just plug your drive into any PC and start working.

If you like that idea, check out our related post, 24 Programs You Should Carry On Your Flash Drive. It's chock full of portable apps that are just as practical as OOP.

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