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Royals expert: Kate Middleton has "it" factor

Prince William and Kate Middleton were in Scotland Friday morning for their second official appearance in as many days. Once again, the couple was on familiar ground at St. Andrews University where they first met.

On "The Early Show," CBS News royals contributor Victoria Arbiter discussed the function at the couple's old stomping ground and shared thoughts on how the couple is handling being in the public eye together.

She said, "They're in St. Andrews, at the university where they met, to wish their university a very happy birthday. It is the 600th anniversary this year."

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Arbiter said, "It's been a very exciting morning here in Scotland. I think if anyone was unsure before, we know that Kate has got the 'it' factor."

Co-anchor Erica Hill said, "This is their second sort of royal engagement, if you will, in as many days. ... What's the real advantage for the two of them as they go on this mini-tour?"

Arbiter said it's about transitioning into her royal role.

"Kate's going to be transitioning from a commoner into a princess," she said. "And so it's wonderful to have -- it's wonderful to have the opportunity to do that on common ground where they're very much part of the community, where they were able to have a private courtship, and there have been thousands of people out on the streets today ready to greet them. So I think she's off to a rocking good start."

Hill noted, "They're being very well-received. And as you mentioned, these are both places where they're very comfortable. How do you think, though, this is giving us any sort of indication of what they will be like as a royal couple with their formal engagements?"

Arbiter replied, "Well, what's been really lovely to see is how much fun they're having as a royal couple. You can see what a great relationship they have. There's been a couple of really tender moments where Prince William put his hand on the small of Kate's back just to guide her, to reassure her that he is there. Kate says William is the best teacher and he's certainly teaching her well because she seems very confident, very self-assured and she seems to be having a good time so far."

William, in particular, Arbiter said is enjoying someone to engage with at these functions.

"Royal engagements can be quite lonely in a way," she explained. "He's there having to experience it, having to do everything by himself. And now he's getting to share it with his lady. So they were definitely having a good time together and interacting well."

Hill said, "So far all signs point to a fine match."

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