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Royal wedding a family "rebranding": expert

There's much more to the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and the buildup to it than the obvious, asserts CBS News Royal Contributor Victoria Arbiter.

How does a big business doing some serious repositioning strike you?

On "The Early Show on Saturday Morning," Arbiter observed to co-anchor Rebecca Jarvis that, "While there's still lots to do between now and April 29, the long-term expectations on this couple are enormous, with many people speculating they may be solely responsible for the future of the monarchy."

So much so that this could be a "rebirth" of the British monarchy, Jarvis wondered.

"It seems sort of sweeping to say the rebirth of the monarchy when you think they have been around for 1,000 years," Arbiter responded. "But it's definitely a rebranding.

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"If you think about them, they are a family, yes, but ultimately, they're a business. So this is definitely a step in a positive direction for the future."

Part of image makeover involved Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, visiting William Friday at the base in Wales he flies out of in his role as rescue helicopter pilot, during which the royals were, in the view of many, surprisingly affectionate in public.

On Thursday, William admitted to reporters that he's got pre-wedding jitters.

The royals, Arbiter told Jarvis, are "definitely getting along. And to be honest, they've always gotten along. It's just (that) the media love to highlight all the scandals and all the bad things that happen within the royal family.

"But, I definitely think we're going to see a united royal family, and it will be wonderful to have them up on the balcony ... at Buckingham Palace on the day, all together."

William, Arbiter added, "has a wonderful relationship with his grandmother, the queen. The queen is very fond of both boys (including William's brother, Prince Harry). And she's always been very proud of their achievements. And we certainly saw yesterday, with the way she was interacting with William as he gave her the tour of the Sea King helicopter, she was having a ball, as was the Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip). I think, aside from wanting to see where he works, they were very proud of his achievements."

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