Royal wedding 2018: Household Cavalry, Prince Harry's fellow soldiers, will be part of big day

Household Cavalry in the royal wedding

LONDON -- The fabled Household Cavalry only suits up for the big game, and it doesn't get much bigger than the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. But this time, they're sending off a brother in arms.

"To be part of that for anyone's wedding, anyone's special day, is an incredible moment or event," said Maj. Daniel Snoxell, a Household Cavalry soldier. "For it to be Mr. Wales, an officer I served with, that adds an extra factor."

"Mr. Wales" was just "Harry" to his fellow soldiers in this regiment when he joined in 2006. But the cavalry does much more than parade around palaces. The role of the Household Cavalry goes well beyond shiny hats on horseback.

The regiment is also an elite fighting force, serving on the front lines of Iraq and Afghanistan, where Harry served two tours. He rose to the role of captain and qualified as an Apache helicopter commander.

"He's done exactly what was expected of a British Army officer. He was courageous, a man of honor," said Cpl. Frankie O'Leary, who served as Harry's radio operator in Afghanistan.

He also says Harry was just "one of the lads."

"Great sense of humor. He's a British squaddie. We live off moaning, poor food, and sense of humor. That's what we do," O'Leary said.

Having fought beside Harry on the battlefield, O'Leary will now flank his friend on the procession to Windsor Castle.

"Just the huge pride in being out there and making his day, which is going to be amazing, just that little bit more special for him," said Lt. Col. James Gaselee, who commands the mounting escort.

The Household Cavalry never delivers anything less, especially for one of their own.