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Roundup: First Solar in France, Cellulosic Ethanol Stimulus, Sudan's Oil and More

First Solar to build plant in France -- Along with Electricite de France, the country's state-owned utility, thin-film solar manufacturer First Solar is planning to build a $128 million plant somewhere in France. The entire capacity of the new plant, which will be France's largest, has been contracted for the next ten years by EDF Energies Nouvelles. [Source: New York Times]

Want cellulosic ethanol? Give us stimulus money -- Cellulosic ethanol startup Coskata says it's ready to finish a commercial scale demonstration plant that can prove its technology, but it needs stimulus funding. Chief executive Bill Roe reportedly said the company is likely to receive the Department of Energy loans it needs. [Source: VentureBeat]

Sudan oil fields divided by international court -- A Hague decision has split ownership of contested oil fields around the southern town of Abyei between the central government, which gets the lion's share, and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement. If successful, the court ruling could help diminish violence and raise production. [Source: Christian Science Monitor]
Exelon left hungry, looking for a meal -- Although Exelon failed in its bid for power plant operator NRG, the company still has an appetite for acquisitions, and is likely to make one within the next year. The likely target: A coal-heavy local utility, which Exelon can apply its excess carbon credits toward. [Source: Bloomberg]

Nuclear manufacturing gears up in Virginia -- Readying for a nuclear renaissance, Areva and Northrop Grumman have broken ground on a joint plant on Virginia's eastern seaboard to make parts for new nuclear reactors in the United States. Slated for completion in 2012, the plant will be the first of its kind in over 30 years. [Source: Virginian-Pilot]