Roundtable: The Mess In Pakistan

After several days in Pakistan, CBS News' Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Lara Logan stopped by the set of 'Washington Unplugged' to talk about the fragile situation there.

"Its very difficult to tell" what the situation on the ground is, Logan told guest moderator John Dickerson. "Most journalists are in the capital, Islamabad, which is sixty, seventy…miles away from where the fighting is."

Logan, who had breakfast with Afghan president Hamid Karzai while in the region, said Karzai told her the difficulty his government has had in its relationship with the United States is nothing new.

"It's clear that there has been some thawing between the Afghan and the U.S. government," she said. "But its not quite there yet."

CBS News' National Security Consultant Juan Zarate also joined the discussion. He said the Obama administration is placing a lot of responsibility on the Pakistani government because the U.S. is not on the ground.

"The Taliban, the Pakistani version of the Taliban is on the doorstep in Islamad…and it is forcing the United States…to look at the problem differently," he said.

Take a look at the roundtable below: