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Round-up of cute and funny kids caught on tape

(CBS News) Over the past few days we've given you some great music, feats of skills, bizarre achievements and more. But we've been neglecting one of our favorite and often funniest subjects: kids!

So to make up for this omission we've got a round-up of cute and funny kids caught on tape. First up is a little boy who having a bit of a problem and needing some help from his parents.  And luckily they have the sound mind to document it all on video for us to watch... for posterity, of course!

The awkward and hilarious situation was posted by YouTube user StvYzerman who writes about it:

My wife heard him calling for her from his room before heading to Karate. 5 years old. Classic Akiva.

Awwwww... the poor kid has fallen and can't get up! I really hope the laundry wasn't too dirty or smelly. And next up we have a situation most of us know all too well. Whenever you mix toddlers and a dance recital, you just know a fight is going to break out. Check it out. 

Seriously, the most adorable fight we've seen happen in a long while. And we've seen a lot of fight videos here at The Feed. The video was posted by YouTube user ExGaming28 who writes:

My daughters first dance recital and she gets into a fight.

I'm thinking perhaps boxing might be a better fit for her talents? Just saying.   And speaking of talent, we'll finish this post off with one young tyke who has a bad reaction to the recent winner of American Idol. Should Phillip Phillips have won the competition?  Leave me some comment love below.

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