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Room 77: See the View From Your Hotel Room Before You Book

A friend of mine just traveled to Paris for a business conference and was jazzed about the hotel, which promised to offer a breathtaking view. When she got to her room, though, she found that her only view was that of another building, about 20 feet away. She kept the blinds closed for the entire stay.

Room 77 is a new site that promises to make that kind of disappointment a thing of the past. The site offers a virtual view out the window of rooms throughout a variety of hotels. The idea is that you can make an informed decision about your stay when you book, and even request placement in a specific area of the hotel.

Using the site is a snap. Select the hotel and you can see a floor plan in Google Maps. Select a room, and the site generates a virtual representation of the view out of the window. In addition, users who stay in the hotel are encouraged to send photos to expand the database.

Room 77 is just getting started, and their database is currently limited to just a handful of hotels in 16 cities such as London, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Diego, Chicago, and D.C. And thanks to the new Room 77 iPhone app, I think this site has a ton of potential. The next time you travel, check it out and see if it has your room covered. [via Digital Inspirations]

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