Romney makes final campaign stops on Election Day

Mitt Romney campaigns till the end
With just one day left before the presidential election, Republican nominee Mitt Romney has been busy campaigning in swing states. Jan Crawford reports.

(CBS News) Governor Mitt Romney cast his vote in Belmont, Massachusetts on Tuesday morning. Soon after, Romney will travel to Cleveland and Pittsburgh for last minute campaign stops in the battleground states of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Reporting from the campaign trail, CBS News' Jan Crawford said the Romney campaign his calling his Election Day stops an effort "to keep working until the polls close," but they also see an opportunity in Pennsylvania because unlike many other battleground states that institute early voting, 96 percent of the voting in Pennsylvania happens on Election Day.

Ahead of the polls opening, Romney campaigned Monday in Florida, Virginia, and New Hampshire, swing states where most polls show him tied or trailing the president.

For more on Romney's plans for Election Day and night, watch the video above.