Romney: A Compassionate Conservative?

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

PETERBOROUGH, N.H. -- While laying out his political philosophy in front of a town hall meeting crowd of about 200, Mitt Romney made the case that conservatives have been unfairly portrayed as uncaring.

"Liberals have been able to sell this idea that if you're conservative you don't really care for people, and that is totally and completely false." Romney said.

"It is our belief as conservatives that if people follow conservative perspectives on a whole host of issues, we will help people more. We'll have people have a more safe and prosperous future with great families and greater happiness. That's why I'm a conservative."

Romney said that he doesn't spend his nights worrying about the taxes wealthy people pay and is instead concerned about modest and middle-income families.

Appearing on stage with his wife Ann and New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg by his side, Romney continued to make the case that his views on fiscal policy are more conservative than those of John McCain, who has pulled to within a statistical tie of Romney in New Hampshire, according to a new Boston Globe/University of New Hampshire poll.

"Right now Senator McCain and I are both battling for your support and your vote," Romney said.

"He's a good man but we have differing views on this. He voted against the Bush tax cuts. He voted against eliminating the death tax forever, and so we've got some differing views here."

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