Roman Polanski Accused of Rape by Former Model Edith Vogelhut

Roman Polanski (AP)
Roman Polanski Accused of Raping Former Model and Glamor Editor Edith Vogelhut
Roman Polanski (AP)

LOS ANGELES (CBS) Another woman has come forward claiming that director Roman Polanski drugged and brutally raped her. The alleged victim claims that the assault occurred at Jack Nicholson's house in 1974.

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Edith Vogelhut told in an exclusive interview that she and Polanski met at a dinner party hosted by "The Godfather" producer Robert Evans.

Vogelhut, who was 21-years-old at the time and an editor at Glamour magazine, told the gossip site she danced and drank the night away, and ended up with Polanski at Jack Nicholson's house.

Vogelhut says she had a feeling she and the famed director were going to be intimate; however, the former model became extremely worried when Polanski told her to get on her stomach and proceeded to place her in handcuffs.

"I kind of knew that we're going to have sex, but I didn't expect anything out of the ordinary...I did not expect to be sodomized," she told

At the time, Vogelhut felt she had no one would believe her. "I was humiliated, I had absolutely no one to tell and with this group that I told you about at this dinner party that ran Hollywood, they weren't going to believe me."

According to, Vogelhut reported the incident to the Los Angeles District Attorney after British actress Charlotte Lewis came forward in May 2010 and accused the now 77-year-old director of assaulting her when she was only 16-years-old.

Polanski was convicted of raping 13-year-old Samantha Geimer in 1977. He fled the United States before sentencing, and U.S. authorities recently failed in a recent attempt to extradite him from Switzerland.

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PICTURES: Polanski, A Life in Pictures