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Rock Star: Supernova

We are down to the final six on "Rock Star" and it seems the pressure may be getting to a couple of the rockers.

Dilana is still shaken by her public embarrassment of being a little to honest in the mock press conference about her fellow rockers. She really got scolded by Dave Navarro and it clearly is still bothering her back at the house.

She is upset, embarrassed, and takes it out on a glass that she slams on the ground. It shatters and a piece hits Magni in the head. If she didn't look bad enough, now she just made one of the fan favorites bleed from the skull!

She has a good cry and we all forgive her. Rockers are supposed to be little unconventional in life, right?

Lukas sings a Nirvana classic, "Lithium," and really rocks the house. I think it was his best performance yet. He has this quality about him that makes you not able to take your eyes off him.

But all of the rockers tonight were in top shape. It was the best night of the show to watch. They all were on top of their games and it showed.

Ryan, my favorite, sang "Clocks" by Coldplay. I got to see Coldplay do this in concert, so I figured I would not be so impressed. WRONG! He was great singing, playing the piano, and doing major justice to this song. I think he really has a lot of talent and so did the judges. They loved it.

Magni seems to be a fan favorite but I have never really been the biggest fan, I don't even remember what song he sang. He was good but not memorable for me.

Storm sang Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life." Toby sang the background vocals and was spot on. She admitted she was very unfamiliar with the song but it didn't show when she performed it. She did well, the judges thought it was OK. I think she may be in the bottom three when the time comes.

Toby sang Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell." He was in rocker form tonight and put on a hell of a show. He grabbed girls from the audience and brought them up on stage to dance with him. He already has the groupies so he is ready to rock now.

Finally, Dilana closed the show with "Mother, Mother" and made up for her lack of judgment last week. Judges loved it, crowd loved it and her. All is good in the neighborhood again for Dilana.

It's getting down to the wire and all the rockers are good at this point, but only one can win! I don't even want to bother to say my pick because it changes every week.