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Ricky Martin: Donald Trump "makes my blood boil"

Ricky Martin's blood is boiling over Donald Trump.

"Enough is enough!" he says.

The 43-year-old singer wrote an op-ed, published this week on, in which he rallies against the headline-making Republican presidential hopeful.

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"The fact that an individual like Donald Trump, a candidate for the presidency of the United States for the Republican party, has the audacity to continue to gratuitously harass the Latin community makes my blood boil," Martin wrote about Trump, who's been consistently leading in the polls.

Trump started making waves earlier this summer with his comments about Mexicans, shortly before the Miss USA pageant. At the time, he said some Mexican immigrants to the U.S. bring drugs and crime, and some are rapists. The business mogul later insisted that he has a great relationship with people from Mexico, saying, "I love them, they love me!"

But Martin isn't a fan.

For his part, Martin is asking the Latino community to unite: "We have to defeat the power that Trump pretends to have over Latinos, anchored in low rhetoric and xenophobic speech, which his campaign team is convinced works for him."

Go here to read the entire piece from Martin.

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