Ricardo Woods Murder Trial: Did dying man blink to identify killer in Ohio case?

Ricardo Woods
File , AP Photo/Hamilton County Sheriff's Department
Ricardo Woods
File, AP Photo/Hamilton County Sheriff's Department

(AP) CINCINNATI - Ohio jurors deliberating a murder case must weigh whether a dying, paralyzed man identified his shooter by blinking his eyes.  

The jury deliberated for several hours Tuesday after closing arguments in the trial of 35-year-old Ricardo Woods, who is accused of fatally shooting David Chandler in 2010.

Prosecutors told jurors that Chandler clearly identified Woods by blinking his eyes in a video interview with police that jurors saw in the trial. Chandler was paralyzed from the shooting and unable to speak. He later died.

Police said Chandler blinked three times for yes to identify Woods' photo.

Woods' attorneys fought unsuccessfully to exclude the video from the trial, claiming that Chandler's physical condition and the medication he was taking made his blinking inconsistent and unreliable.

Jury deliberations are scheduled to resume Wednesday.