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'Revenge' star strips down for GQ

Revenge never looked so good. Primetime TV star Emily VanCamp, who plays the vengeful Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke on the hit ABC show, stripped down to nearly nothing for her lingerie-clad photo shoot with GQ magazine. But that's not all! The actress all exposes some spoilers about her character in the second season.

VanCamp, 26, has faced some challenges with her new role on the nighttime soap opera where she plays a young woman posing as someone else -- one being that she's a terrible liar in real-life. "I think anyone who says they don't tell little white lies at all is a liar. We all have that occasional event or engagement that we don't really want to go to," she admits to GQ. "I don't think I'm a good liar at all, though. The people who know me best will tell you that. I think you'll see a little more honesty out of my character on Revenge this season."

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She may not be good at fibs but VanCamp does confess that it is fun to play the mysterious and vindictive Emily Thorne. "Yeah, I always feel like I'm playing a character when I'm in a beautiful dress, with my hair coiffed. I like getting down and dirty. It's really fun. There's nothing better than setting an asshole's house on fire. It's those moments when I think 'I love my job!'"

Revenge airs Sunday nights on ABC, and for more SUPER sexy shots of the show's blonde bombshell, check out the latest issue of GQ magazine.